Hi, Lissette here for Tooltester. Welcome back 
to our channel! Today, we'll be discussing a   super important topic for online businesses and 
content creators: how to build an email list.
  Email marketing is a powerful tool 
for connecting with your audience,   promoting your products, 
and growing your brand. So,   let's dive right into our step-by-step guide 
to building an email list from scratch!
  But before we get started with list building, 
you'll first need to choose an email marketing   platform. Some popular options are Mailchimp, 
ActiveCampaign, and Brevo. Of course,   all offer different features and pricing plans, 
so which one is best for you will depend on your   specific needs and budget. If you’re not 
sure which to choose, I’ve added a link to   our list of the top email marketing services for 
small businesses in the description below.

  For this video, we’ll be using 
MailerLite. It’s really user-friendly   and affordable – and what’s great is, you 
can get started for absolutely nothing if   you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers!
First things first, in order to even allow   visitors to subscribe to your email list, you’ll 
need to set up an opt-in form. You can use the   templates provided by your email marketing 
platform, or create a custom design.
  Your provider may also offer the option to 
add a variety of form types, like embedded,   popup, slide in, banner, etc. MailerLite’s free 
plan allows you to create popup and embedded   forms. Alhough it only comes with 3 basic template 
design options, these are easily customizable.
  Make sure to enable double opt-in to ensure 
your list is made up of subscribers who really   want to receive your emails.

Once the form is ready to go,   you can share the link with people 
directly and add it to your website, blog,   or social media pages to encourage sign-ups.
Of course, not everyone will be running to   give you their email address.

So to increase 
the number of sign-ups, we’d recommend using   “lead magnets” or incentives such as a free eBook, 
discount codes, or exclusive content to encourage   users to sign up. Just make sure your incentive is 
valuable and relevant to your target audience.
  Here, we offer users a free ebook on 
email marketing in return for their email   address. By adding this lead magnet to our 
homepage and our most popular blog articles,   we’ve hadmore than 4 thousand sign-ups.

We also display this signup form at the bottom   of our deliverability focused resources, which 
subscribes readers to our deliverability results   list. The incentive here is that they’ll receive 
the results of our bi-annual tests directly in   their inbox as soon as they’re released.
Some other great ways to increase sign-ups are   to create a popup form or add a welcome 
bar to your site Many ecommerce brands   like to popup a discount code to new 
users who try to exit the site.
  Alternatively, you could engage 
users with a game or quiz.
  Here’s one we created to help users find the 
best email marketing service for their needs.
  It goes without saying that social media 
is a great place to promote giveaways,   contests and free offerings (like courses, 
webinars and ebooks).

It might also be a   good idea to team up with influencers and 
others in your industry, allowing you to   access a new pool of potential subscribers.
Also, Ads on Google and social media can be a   highly targeted way to reach new audiences and 
grow your email list. You can create ads that   offer a lead magnet, such as a free ebook or 
checklist, in exchange for an email address.   GetResponse allows you to do 
this within its platform.
  Once you have a growing email list, you’ll 
need to keep your subscribers engaged. Do so   by sending regular emails with valuable content, 
such as blog post updates, product announcements,   or exclusive offers.

Of course, always make 
sure your content is relevant and interesting   to your audience to avoid them unsubscribing!
Once you have a substantial list, consider   segmenting it based on subscriber behavior, 
interests, or demographics. This way you can send   targeted emails that are more likely to resonate 
with each subscriber, resulting in higher open and   click-through rates…and hopefully sales!
Finally, make sure to monitor your email   campaigns' performance. Look at 
metrics such as open, click-through,   and conversion rates, to identify what's 
working and what's not. You can then use   this information to optimize your campaigns 
and improve your email marketing strategy.
  For more tips on how to organically 
grow your email list, check out our   complete guide on our website.

And if you’d 
like to learn more about email marketing,   hit the like or subscribe button. Thanks 
for watching, and see you next time!.

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