Do you too want to become a YouTuber? but your are conscious about your voice πŸ₯Ί and your faceπŸ₯Ί then in this today's video, I have brought few such YouTube channel ideas πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ where you don't need to show your face πŸ˜ƒ and record your voiceπŸ˜ƒ Already, a video has been posted on this channel itself where I had talked about faceless YouTube channel ideas. In this video, I will be focusing on how you can make YouTube channel without voice,πŸ˜ƒ what are those ideas and along with that, I will be showing you some samples also of those channels that are like that on YouTube and they have a good growth.

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πŸ₯Ί So, please subscribe quickly.πŸ˜ƒ and quickly get us 1 million subscribers.🀩 Now, we see that you want to make a channel on YouTube but you are conscious about your voice, you can't speak or you don't have good resources or you don't have a good mike. Then the voice needs to be cleaned and audio editing also needs to be done. So, we can't do this much. We want such channel ideas in which without recording the voice and without showing the face, we can create a channel and upload some content in that. The first idea that I would like to recommend… Basically, it's not an idea, it's a way of how you can make a normal video in which you don't keep your voice.

But, you can keep computer generated voice in that. What is computer generated voice? The computer will generate voice for you. Now, how will the computer know what to say in this video? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” So, you have to make a normal video and write a script according to that as per the voice that you want to get for your video. Now, I am telling you about such a tool in which you can generate a voice, download it and you can make a good video by adding that voice in your video. So, let's see the tool.πŸ˜ƒ The name of this tool is Animaker. This is its dashboard and I have logged in here. It has paid version also but you can do a good work in free version also. So, this is our dashboard and see its URL also so that you don't face any problem in searching the website. So, here you have to click on the "Create" button. After creating, you can do so many things here. You can even make an animated video here. But, as I had told that I will be focusing more on voice, You have to click on "Create voice" which I have zoomed in and shown to you.

After that, this type of window will open where you have to type what you have to record in the voice. First, you have to select the gender to decide whether you want a male voice or a female voice. So, I have selected female voice here and you can also select language or accent here. So, I am selecting Indian English here so that you understand it better. Now, voices are shown here. So here, just 1 voice named "Aditi" is there. But if you take its premium version then you will get 3-4 different types of voices. So I will show you both the samples. Here you have to type whatever you want to write. If you give spaces, obviously a pause will come there. I am typing "Hello I am harmeet" I am writing a small and simple sentence. So, you can play it now. Here, the option for "Preview" is given here. So, listen it carefully. I am previewing it, it sounds "Hello, I am Harmeet." So, a voice is generated like this.

If you want, you can also change it here. I am writing "Hello today we will learn about a new topic." Now, we will preview it. It sounds "Hello today we will learn about a new topic." So, you can do like this and not just this much, you can even change its pitch and its speed. If you find its speed to be normal, then you can slow down its speed or you can make it faster. I will show you how to make it faster. You can set the pitch also. I want that it should have low pitch. You can also set the volume according to you. I will preview it again. Hello today we will learn about a new topic. So, this speed is a little faster. You can even slow down it. After this, you have to download the voice from here. When I click on "Download", my voice is downloaded in MP3 format after getting recorded. Here you can write any big paragraph in this way. Now, I will play it once again. Hello today we will learn about a new topic. So, it is downloaded here and now you will put it in your videos and you will use it.

There are so many such channel ideas where people use computer generated voice only. I will give you some ideas. Where pronunciation is taught, how to pronounce a voice, in those channels, they use computer generated voice only. I will show you 1 such idea. You can see this channel, Julien Miquel. This channel has 300k subscribers. And this channel has approximately 148 million views. They have put such small videos. If you see here, they have used computer voice in the videos. Do explore this channel. You will see that there is only computer generated voice.

So, you can show your creativity according to you. If you don't want to record your voice, you can use these tools. Do save the name of this tool that is Animaker. There are very goods tools in this which you should definitely use. So, this was our 1st idea in which you can make videos without recording your voice and showing your face and upload them on YouTube. The 2nd idea that I will recommend you if you want to make videos without your voice and your face then it is "Data Videos".

If you want to share any data or stats or information with anyone then I will recommend you a channel in which you can make very good video without any voice and face. So, let's to that channel so that you understand better about what I am talking. So, this is the channel "Data is beautiful" which has 1.4 million subscribers. And it has 231 million views which is a very good amount. And their top videos have views like 21 million,1.8 million, 16 million, 4.6 million, etc.

Now we will see the content. You might be knowing the content from the title: Most popular TV series, Most popular movies, best selling music artists, most popular music styles. All these videos are there. Now, I will open this video once. If we see then from 1969 to 2019, the best music artists that were there, the data is given for that here. When you will play this, the data is changing according to the time. I will zoom in the video a little bit. So, this data is shown like this and there is nothing in this. Just a copyright free background music is there that you can download from anywhere.

I will recommend you the audio library of YouTube studio. So, you can see that this data is shown here. Now, you must be thinking that this is very tough task and how we will make such videos. The tool that they have used for this, its name is Flourish. If you type "Flourish tool" or "" then you can see this. Here its written "Get started for free". You will get so many examples here. You can show the data in this way or in this way or in pie chart like this and in graphs also.

So, this is a very good tool and it has paid version also but you can create you data here for free also. Now, the question is from where to take the data? So, there are so many sites. If you want medical data then you can get that from the WHO site. You can get the data from the site of Indian Government. I will tell you an example: Indian population from 1900 to 2022. You can get this type of data and using this kind of tools you can make a very good video. So, do explore this tool and tell me in the comment section if you liked this tool or not and whether you could make the video easily.

So, they have used this tool only and they have a good amount of views. But they have taken efforts in getting the data because ultimately, you have to put this data here. Only then, you will be able to download it. This is a very good idea. We call it as "Data videos" or "Stats videos". You should definitely explore it. Along with that the next idea that I want to recommend is software tutorials. Any software tutorial either related to IT field or the one that is used generally like there are graphic design softwares, you can give tutorials for them. For this, you just need a screen recorder. If you want to do in phone then in all the new phones, screen recorder is present. Otherwise, you will get so many tools on app store which you can download. If you want any software for desktop then I will recommend you OBS. Right now, I am also recording my screen on OBS. So, you can use this. Now, the questions is what type of tutorials we will show? Consider and example of the tool Canva. If I want to give you a tutorial of Canva…..

Right now, I am speaking and telling you each and every thing. But for this, in your video title or video thumbnail, you can clearly write, "I will tell you how to create a YouTube thumbnail on Canva." So, you can keep this title and show clearly in the thumbnail. So, if your audience gets this thing clearly that in the video, we will learn to make thumbnails. After that, it's not necessary for you to speak. You can simply follow the steps like you can click on "Create a design" then whatever you want to choose, you can zoom in and show them like we will type "YouTube thumbnail" here. It's not necessary that you tell these things by speaking only.

You can do it through actions also. So, you can also give tutorials of any tools like this. You can give tutorials of any software or any tool. And you can teach people to download or delete something. For example, there is some problem in my laptop and it has become slow then you can make a tutorial on how to fasten your laptop.

So you can make tutorials on all these tools or softwares or ways or any such problems, you can give solutions to them by using your screen. So, this is a very good way and there are many such channels who are getting good amount of views and they are earning a lot. So, this is one idea that you should definitely use. The next idea that I will recommend if you don't want to use your face and voice in the video then you should do cooking. There is one such popular channel. First, let's see that channel. The name of that channel is Hebbars Kitchen. If anyone has typed any recipe in either YouTube or on Google, I feel that Hebbars Kitchen definitely comes in top ranking. Hebbars Kitchen is a very good example in which videos are made without using face and voice. Open any one of their videos, there is no voice and face. They are showing just the ingredients that they are using. Also they are showing the instructions like "Mix well", "Adjust consistency", we are getting all these things on our screen.

So, this is a good example which you should definitely consider. And they have 6.4 million subscribers. And they have views in billions. So, this is a very good example that you should definitely consider. And you too can make such cooking videos. You just need to take help of video editing where you have to show the instructions and the ingredients that you are using on screen. So, cooking is very good way if you want to make videos on YouTube without showing your face and giving your voice. The next YouTube channel idea that I will recommend you is shorts. Create a channel in create shorts and I have already brought a video on shorts fund. So, it's not in shorts that you have to record your voice and face only, you can make such shorts also in which you are asking some question and its answers is shown on screen. So, the question is typed and then its answer came.

And you can apply some trending music to it. Nowadays, GK shorts are so much popular. So, you can such shorts where you don't need to record your voice and face. You will get many such ideas and already there is such a video where I have given many ideas to you. There is already a video on how to make shorts, how to upload them, when to upload and how you can earn from them. You will get that link in the description box. So make sure that you see that video. And in shorts, there are GK ideas and you can make educational shorts where whatever you want to convey to audience, it should be written.

For this, again you need to take help of editing tool. So, you will get so many editing tools with the help of which you can make very good shorts and you just need to add music in this or you can take any trending music also. But in that, there may be some issue of copyright. So, nowadays, shorts fund is also there with the help of which so many creators are generating a good amount of revenue. So, this will be a very good way and in this video, I have discussed with you those top 5 ways through which you can make YouTube channels without showing face and without recording voice.

If you have learnt something new or if you liked πŸ‘ any idea then do tell me in the comments section and also like πŸ‘ the video. And quickly subscribe the channel so that you don't miss out the important videos. Thank you so much.πŸ™‚

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