You want to start YouTube marketing for
your company? Maybe you're asking yourself what videos you
should make, how you can be found. And where do you even begin. With my
company So geht YouTube I've built some of the
biggest YouTube brand channels in Germany. In this video, I want to show you my
proven techniques on how to get started. Hello and welcome to the Tubics YouTube
channel. I am Jan Fassbender from So geht YouTube. And in this video, I want to talk about
three topics. First, the strategy. Second, how to set up your channel. And third, how to get your first
All right. So let's first talk about strategy or
other the top strategic mistake that most companies make on YouTube. Take a look at this channel. What's interesting about this channel?
What do you watch it? Probably not, but that's how 99 percent of corporate YouTube channels
look. You've got your image films. You've got your TV spots and internal
videos. These videos are just boring. And no one will watch them voluntarily
because they are lacking one big, major thing that every video needs

If you want your videos to be watched,
make videos that your audience wants to watch,
otherwise they won't. Of course, you can always just do ads and
put anything in front of people. But if you want to be found on YouTube,
if we want to have a sustainable long term strategy, you need to make content. So questions to ask yourself. What videos is your audience interested
in? What videos would they watch without them being
forced on them like in it? What value can you add to your videos? And this is the keyword value that's so important. They are usually three types of value
that we can add to our videos. First, there's learning. Teach your audience something. Second, entertainment and third, emotion. Make them feel something. Make sure that you add at least one of
these three types of value to each of your
All right. So now that that's out of the way, let's
go ahead and set up your channel.

One important side note here, there are
two types of YouTube channels. First, we have just like regular YouTube channels where you have your profile as
your channel. And second, there are the so-called brand
channels. Make sure you set up one of these brand channels because otherwise you won't
have the feature to share access to your channel, with
your employees and with other people working on the
channel. So that's a very important thing. If you want to make everything right
while creating the channel. Take a look at this video. We'll show it to you in detail after
you've created the channel itself, like I showed you in
this video. You need to set up a few things. Mainly, there are a couple of design
elements that every channel should have. That's your profile picture, your channel
image. You want to have custom thumbnails and
usually want to have one of these video interest
that shows the logo of your brand.

Of course, there can be multiple other
design elements, especially in your videos. But these are usually the main ones. One important thing about these make them consistent. If anything, that's the most important
part. Make sure that your brand is represented in all of them, that you can see a clear image, a clear picture that you can
recognize or read in each and every part of your
channel. So let's take a closer look at the
individual elements that you need. First of all, the profile picture, you
usually want the logo of your brand. You make sure that it's visible, even if your profile picture is very tiny, because like in comments and other places on YouTube, it will be very

And you need to make sure that it's
recognizable, that the background isn't white. So it doesn't just disappear on the
YouTube page, but is it is clearly visible. The channel image is a little bit
complicated because different parts of it are shown on different
devices. But there are templates out there on the
Internet that can help you to make sure that your
channel image works perfectly. In it, you should convey the most
important information about your brand. What is it about? What can people expect
from your channel? The thumbnail is one of
the most important parts of your channel. Each and every video should, of course,
have a individual company. And it should describe the video in
detail. Should stand out.

It's kind of the poster for your video. It needs to advertise your video. It needs to make sure that people click
on it. You should also have some consistency in
your thumb. So make sure to make a template for your
thumbnails are a style guide. If you want to learn more about
thumbnails, it's definitely take a look at this video. And last but not least, there's the intro
video that you use for branding in your
videos. You cannot upload it anywhere on YouTube,
but you put it into your videos. In video editing, apart from showing your logo with some music, the most important
part about these intros is to make them short. My general rule of thumb is to make them
less than seven seconds long. Don't make long intros like you know them
from TV shows where you see people turning round
and stuff. Keep them short because the viewers will leave the videos or we'll skip the interest if they are too long.
All right.

So let's go to step number three. Getting your first subscribers. You set up your channel, uploaded quality videos that bring value to your
audience. But no one seems to care. Getting a first subscribers is usually
one of the biggest challenges brands face on YouTube. And especially if you're a big brand,
it can look very unprofessional if you just have very few
subscribers. So what can we do? Step number one that I would always do if I start a new YouTube
channel is leverage your existing social media. So if you have Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram or even you have a newsletter or a blog or whatever, try to send your existing audience to your YouTube channel. If these people already follow you in a
different social media and you add new value on YouTube,
chances are very high they will follow YouTube. Step number two to cooperate with other
channels. And there may be people that you know,
that have a bigger audience than you. Can you pay influencers to make a
collaboration with you ? These might be some steps to get your
first external subscribers. Step number three is also the strategy
that you will use long term on YouTube.

And this is to leverage one of the two
types of organic traffic that we have on
YouTube. We've got suggested traffic on your
home page next to other videos and so on. And we've got search when people search
something on YouTube. And YouTube is the second biggest search
engine after Google. You almost always need to combine these
two traffic sources. But at the beginning, I would usually
focus on search because it's easier to get your first views from search because you can
target it better.

The term we're talking about here is SEO
search engine optimization. You want to optimize your videos so that
you appear under the top videos for the terms your audience might be
searching. And this is an important point because
first you want to figure out what your audience is searching for. Tubics has some great tools you can use. And after you figured that out, you want
to put this search term, this so-called keyword in
your title, in your description and in your text for
your video to appear. Under these search terms, if nothing else works, there's always one last resort
and that's paid traffic. But make sure to do it right. Because if you just push more people on a
bad channel, it's not going to cut it.

Make sure you really provide value. And also pushing your videos through paid
traffic is also not going to help them gain more
organic traffic. Why this is the case and how you should
actually do it. I explain all of this in this other video where I talk more in-depth about the
different traffic sources. I hope I could help you. And we'll see each other in the next
That's it for me. Bye.
Your Jan..

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